Make more money attracting more referrals

Some of our users earn more money with referrals than by posting pictures.

Referrals - new users who registered by clicking at your referral link. Every time they are paid, you automatically get 10% of their revenue on your account. If your referrals work successfully, then you will permanently get that money and start earning a passive income.

To become your referral, new users should register on the site by clicking at your referral link. You are free to place the link anywhere. It looks something like this: "" Where "123456" - is your ID in the system. Just get your referral link on the main page of your account. See below.

How to attract referrals:

Forums - the old and most reliable way.

There are a lot of various forums (webmasters, earnings, business and etc.) in the net. You can create a topic on any forum and tell people about PicCash site using your referral link. Or you may use the signature function any forum has to put your referral link.

Social networks.

If you have accounts in social networks, you can post some lines with your referral link in the following fields like "My status", "My personal site", "Notes" and on a personal wall. This is a good way that may work for years to attract people interested in earning money.

Own website or blog.

If you run a blog or a website, just tell your audience about PicCash, or put an advertising banner on a page of your resource. Let people know about PicCash so they can become your referrals.