1. We pay unique views only. Unique view is counted from a unique IP within 24 hours.

2. Payments every Monday and Tuesday at a minimum of 5 usd. If you join us less than 7 days ago, your payment will be made on next Tuesday. If the user will be suspected as a cheater, as well as in some other cases, the payment could be delayed until the issue will be resolved. The user can request a clarification of the situation through the Contacts menu.

3. You get 10% from your referrals revenue.

4. If you set the "Less ads" mode, you are paid for referrals only. If you set "More ads" mode, you get a full payment for picture views and referrals.

5. Pictures with kids porno, porno with animals and acts of violence are forbidden.

6. Any picture may be deleted by request. Contact our support.

7. Any signs of cheating may cause account banned. We do not accept fake traffic from suspicious ads systems, auto-serf websites, any resources that buy/sell traffic, iframe traffic, referrals substitution, any redirects or urls cutting, any kind of spam. You won't be paid if the quality of traffic isn't good enough.

You may post the links to your pictures on any visited websites, forums, blog platforms, torrents to let people view your content. That is the only way to get payments.

8. Rules may be changed any time with or without a notice.