Q: What is PicCash.net for and why it is better than any others?
A: PicCash.net was created for people that upload pictures on websites in the net and would like to earn money posting images. If you regularly post content on forums, torrents, blogs, PicCash.net is for you. Advantages: open and clear statistics, real prices/ payments for views, more profit from referrals.

Q: How many pictures can I upload?
A: You are free to upload as much pictures as you want. No limits for the amount of pictures you can upload.

Q: How long can pictures be stored on the photo hosting?
A: If the picture is viewed at least once a year, there is no time limit for its storage.

Q: What does the "Less ads" mode mean?
A: The "Less ads" mode is created for those that do not want to make money uploading pictures on the photo hosting. If you set the "Less ads" mode, the minimum amount of ads is displayed next to your pictures and no pay-per-view is made. But you still get a payment from the referrals you have attracted as if the "More advertising" mode is on.

Q: For what do I get paid?
A: You get paid for each unique view of your picture. Unique view is counted from a unique IP within 24 hours. Please note we pay only views made by real people interested in viewing pictures. Any signs of automated or motivated "views" of picture may cause account banned.

Q: Why do you have such prices for views?
A: The price for viewing the picture depends on the advertising revenue we get. We usually pay 75% from the revenue we get.

Q: Please explain how I can earn money?
A: Just upload pictures on PicCash and then place links (or previews) to the pictures on any popular websites, forums or blogs. People visiting those websites click at your pictures to view and you get money for viewing the pictures.

Q: How much can I earn?
A: The more people view your pictures the more money you get. Don't think that by posting a few pictures you can earn enough money. If you'd like to get a good amount of money, you should place thousands of pictures on the most visited websites. If posting pictures is not for you, you can use our referral program.

Q: I don't have a web site, can I work with you?
A: Yes, you can. No need to own a web site to work with us. You can place links to your pictures anywhere.

Q: How much does one view of my picture cost?
A: The price depends on the country from which the view was made. See the section Earn money.

Q: When can I get a payment?
A: Payments are made automatically on Monday Tuesday and when the minimum is reached. See the section Earn money.

Q: What is the minimum amount for withdrawal?
A: The minimum amount for payment is - 5 usd. See the section Earn money.

Q: Do you have a referral program?
A: Yes, we have. You get 10% from revenue of users who registered by clicking at your referral link. This money is paid on your account from the revenue we get so you can attract more people to the site.

Q: What does my referral link look like?
A: It looks something like this: "http://piccash.net/123456/" Where "123456" - is your ID in the system. Just get your referral link after logining in the system and goin to Upload menu.

Q: Are there ways to cheat your system?
A: Before making a payment, the incoming traffic is manually checked out by moderator. Any signs of cheating will cause the account banned and money on the account is cancelled. Please do not waste your and our time. No way to get money using cheating techniques.