6 Reasons Why You Should Learn And Speak Spanish

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Learning Spanish is a great idea. In this article we will try to give you a number of reasons to start learn Spanish.

About Spanish language in numbers

First, some statistics, sometimes numbers are clearer than words:

  1. 500 million people speak Spanish
  2. Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world (after English and Chinese)
  3. Spanish is the official language in 22 countries of the world, in 4 continents, and this is about a fifth of the world

If you want to learn Spanish you can find more information here https://allspanishschools.com/

Knowledge of Spanish - new opportunities for business or job search

Today, the business sphere revolves not only around the English language and the number vacancies for professionals with knowledge of Spanish is growing with constant progression. Sometimes even basic knowledge is enough for an employer to single you out of the list of applicants for the job you are seeking. 

Knowledge of Spanish is also necessary for owners of their own business or top-managers.

Yes, you can use the services of an interpreter. But understanding the subtleties of the language and the peculiarities of the culture, it will be easier for you to negotiate, agree on the terms of a deal, conclude contracts, discuss legal issues, get better conditions or achieve long-term cooperation.

Learning Spanish is a must if you love to travel

To visit a Spanish-speaking country, it is not enough to know English. Otherwise, you will be tied to tourist routes or guided tours. Such a vacation cannot be compared with the impressions and opportunities that await a person who speaks Spanish.

Your trip will definitely be much more fun, useful and comfortable if you can communicate fluently in Spanish.

Spanish for permanent residence or study in Spain or Latin America.

Proficiency in Spanish is required to move to Spain or Latin America. And it is highly desirable to speak Spanish if you plan to move to permanent residence in the United States.

The required level of Spanish, sufficient to obtain a residence permit or Spanish citizenship, is level B2

To confirm the level of Spanish language proficiency, it is necessary to take the DELE exam.

The Spanish language is associated with very rich world cultures.

Knowing Spanish will broaden your horizons, help you understand the history, culture and customs of Spain, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Colombia…

You can read in the original, watch movies, series and TV shows, understand the lyrics of your favorite songs, enjoy architecture, cuisine, and music.

You will be able to compare the ways of thinking of different nations and become more open to everything new and interesting.

Spanish is one of the easiest to learn.

In Spanish, simple phonetics, clear rules for reading. You don't need a dictionary or transcription to read a word correctly.

Spanish grammar is simpler than most other languages.

Another pleasant factor is the large number of familiar words with Latin roots. And memorizing new Spanish words is much easier than memorizing Chinese characters.

Spanish is a very melodic and emotional language. This is especially noticeable when you study with native teachers. The beauty of the Spanish language fascinates and motivates to gain new knowledge.

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