- original Bohemian crystal from Czech Republic

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Glasses made of real Bohemian crystal have always been considered as an indicator of the refined taste of their owners. Today, as for hundreds of years, Czech glass remains in demand among buyers. Bohemian crystal is one of the hallmarks of the Czech Republic in the world.

Glassware of the will decorate your interior, giving it a touch of luxury and aristocracy.The highest quality products, modern production technologies and interesting design solutions are the reasons why you should choose aleks crystal bohemia crystal. Reasonable price makes tableware of this brand available to almost any buyer, and a wide range of products will satisfy the most demanding needs.Bohemian crystal from the Czech Republic can transform the usual setting of your table.

You should be very careful when you buy real Bohemian crystal. Even in Prague, many shops offer fakes. Therefore, it is important to be able to distinguish genuine Czech crafts from cheap copies. This can be done on several grounds.

The main advantage of Bohemian glass is its traditional quality. The transparent glass sparkles brightly. It is distinguished by its special subtlety. When you clink two glasses, they emit a beautiful musical ringing. Bohemian glass cannot be cloudy, it must not contain air bubbles or inclusions of small particles. Like crystal, Czech glass shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow. Although crystal is fragile and easily damaged by impact, Bohemia crystal should not have rough edges, chips or cracks.

High-quality colored Bohemian glass cannot have stains, the paint always lies evenly. If the product is inlaid with stones or metal, the jewelry must be firmly held. When you run a wet finger along the rim of a real Czech crystal, the glass responds with a melodic ringing. Whereas the counterfeit glass will remain silent. The clink of Bohemian glasses should be metallic and felt by vibration in the stem.

When buying, pay attention to the weight of the dishes, fake is almost always heavier than real ones. The docking seam on the legs of the glasses should not be visible, and even to the touch should be barely distinguishable. There is no such seam at all in handicrafts made by Czech craftsmen.