How to Deal With People Who Annoy You

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No matter who you are or where you work, you will always be dealing with people you don’t like. This person can be a client, boss, consultant, or colleague.

Such people can do more than annoy you or make your work uncomfortable. In addition to being able to ruin your mood, they also take your energy and your time, or even make you look for another job — it’s so unbearable to work with them.

But is it worth it for one person to quit a job that you like and gives you a good income? After all, if you learn how to work with people who annoy you, then your productivity and your mood will remain on top.

Analyze the Situation

Start thinking about why you don’t like this person. What does it have that annoys you? It may well be that the annoying behavior of a person reminds you of the characteristics you have and dislike.

For example, you don’t like colleagues because they gossip behind people’s backs. The reason you don’t like this habit is that it tempts you.

Another option is that this person, on the contrary, has qualities you do not have but would very much like to possess. For example, you do not like a colleague talking too loudly, although you envy his incendiary character and ability to express himself.

Or maybe you consider someone a rare bore, although this “nerd” is a tough pro, and you realize that you haven’t reached that level yet. Sometimes we just look at people as if in a mirror and focus on what is about us.

Turn Working With an Annoying Colleague Into a Project

It is worth recognizing that we cannot change a person. And sometimes it happens that he will not take any arguments seriously or go forward. In this case, do not perceive this person as a problem that prevents you from working. Instead, treat it as part of the job. A project that also requires a professional approach. This method has several points:

  • name the problem without emotion, and describe all the details;
  • reformulate the problem into a task;
  • determine what resources and trumps you have — for example, a friendly relationship with an HR who can “accidentally” remark to a colleague;
  • list all possible obstacles and think about how to deal with them;
  • set deadlines during which you will solve the problem without allowing yourself to be unnecessarily annoyed;
  • go to actions.

The most obvious, though not simple, the solution is a frank conversation. To be effective and your anger not to ignite an office war, prepare in advance: formulate a problem without emotions, and think over the arguments and solutions. Stick to facts and observations in conversation.

You may even ask yourself why you met this person in life. Perhaps he will give you the experience of maintaining composure or point out some flaw in you that you do not notice. In any case, do not look at this person as an enemy or an external problem.

If this person annoys you, but this does not affect the performance of your work tasks - just learn to work with your emotions about him.

But if your employee interferes with your work, insults, gives false evidence about you, and spreads gossip — protect your boundaries and act decisively:

  • Call this person to talk in front of witnesses (employees).
  • Talk to your superiors about this.
  • Ask for advice from your mentor, psychologist, or senior colleague.

Ultimately, your work should not turn into hard labor because of one person. And either your colleague is not worth quitting a good job. Or such work is not worth it to endure humiliation and constant stress.

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