Connecting the camera to a TV, computer, smartphone via Wi-Fi for photographer

Connecting your DSLR to your computer or TV via WiFi In recent years WiFi has become more and more popular with use...

Connecting your DSLR to your computer or TV via WiFi

In recent years WiFi has become more and more popular with users so it's no wonder that more and more digital gadgets are adopting this wireless connection standard. Our good old-fashioned device is no exception — the DSLR with Wi-Fi has already become a reality. Today we are going to take a look at it to see what it is all about and why it is needed.

How does a DSLR with WiFi work?
The WiFi camera is designed to do three things:

  1. Directly sending files to the internet;

  2. Transferring a photo to a computer or TV;

  3. Remote control of the camera from your phone.

The first is to free the user from the intermediate link between the camera and the Internet in the video computer to which the regular camera is connected by cable. Now you can click a lot of good shots, find a WiFi hotspot and upload the entire archive directly to a social network or file-sharing site to free up space on the card or to immediately share with friends your impressions.

If we are talking about amateur photos, this feature is still more of a nice, but not very necessary bonus for the camera. But professional photographers, on the other hand, when it's a matter of minutes and you need to send an urgent sensational shot to the editorial office, will be very happy to be able to send their material directly. If the camera with wifi also has the Android OS, you can even edit the photo before sending it.

Well, the backup, not only saving space on the memory card but also protecting your photos from loss due to a card failure or failure of the whole camera, will be very helpful not only for professionals but also for amateurs — it's a shame to lose beautiful frames because of a small oversight or broken equipment.

The second is a more convenient wireless connection with the computer or the TV — these wires are always lost, and if your camera has some non-standard connector, and there is no cable at hand, you have to pull out the card and look where it would be inserted to show your photos. To communicate with a PC or smartphone they will need to pre-install some programs, which are full of free access — no problem with this.

Features and new technology in TVs

It's also sometimes possible to set up a direct link and exchange frames between several compatible wifi models of photographers.

And if you have a wireless printer at home — you can quickly and easily print your photos.

And the best part — the ability to remotely control your camera from your phone — there's even that! It can be very convenient to put the device at a distance and take pictures with a remote control-mobile.

How do you connect your SLR to your computer via wifi?

In addition to models that already have a built-in wi-fi module, there is an opportunity for a simple camera to get into the network. To do this, it happens to have a function to support external adapters with appropriate connectors for different models.


Another option is to use special Eye-Fi cards in supported devices. In the latter case, however, the camera can not work as an access point — that is, you can not connect to it with other devices, but only throw it to a computer.

Direct connection between camera and phone via WiFi

Direct connection between the camera and smartphone via WiFi is characterized by low communication quality and a small range. To activate this mode, you need to select "Camera hotspot mode" in the menu

Connecting your camera to your computer via wifi

It's even more practical to use the local network already set up in the house a long time ago thanks to the articles on this site, so we'll break out the first step from the previous section and select "Infrastructure Mode" for the wi-fi connection type. This will then prompt us to find and connect to the right wifi network for us.


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