Tips for promoting your YouTube channel

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Video content is becoming increasingly important for businesses. Therefore, you simply must know how to create and promote videos.

We have created detailed instructions for those who want to promote on YouTube. From it you will learn about all methods that can help you grow the amount of your subscribers in the field of online advertising.

Everything you need to know about YouTube video promotion in one article. All effective methods of internal and external optimization that successful video channels use. If you need to promote your video or channel, you are in the right place.

Why to promote your video content?

Let's figure out why in the modern world to create and promote video content. Online video is becoming more and more popular, sometimes even an indispensable tool for attracting customers, so we decided to describe in detail how to properly promote a video on YouTube. If you are beginning to make your channel then the best way fo you to make it popular is to buy Youtube views because getting the first views and followers is the hardest part of promoting your channel.

Before you get into creating and promoting your channel, you should know that the YouTube platform is far from new, and there are already a huge number of videos created on it. 

As of 2023  on YouTube: 

  • over 900 mln  videos posted.
  • 40 million channels have been created on the platform.
  • More than 2 billion users watch 1 billion videos daily on YouTube.
  • The daily number of active users is 122 million.
  • The average time people spend watching a video is 19 minutes.

You are already in a field of gigantic competition, where any newbie can make a mistake in creating content!

Analysis of popular topics and content

The first step we will take is to study the topics and content formats that are most popular on YouTube. The purpose of this step is to determine what your audience is interested in. Keep in mind that popular topics may change over time, so regular monitoring will be helpful in identifying new trends and changing your content strategy. Therefore, the analysis carried out six months ago may be different from what you will conduct today!

The secret of any channel is not only the optimization of individual videos, but also generally positive audience statistics for our channel.

This includes:

  • Loyal viewers are people who primarily watch your videos.
  • Unique Viewers - How many people have watched your videos in total.
  • Subscribers - how many audience subscribes to your channel for the period.
  • channel analytics

In order to interact with the audience, you need to adhere to the following strategies:

  • Community news.
  • Create playlists.
  • Motivate in the video to subscribe to the channel.
  • Pin an important comment.
  • Reply to comments.

Community channel

A YouTube channel community is a group of viewers who subscribe to a channel and interact with each other and with the content creator.

In this section, you can post messages, GIFs, pictures/photos and videos, as well as conduct polls and quizzes. In the channel's community, you can discuss videos, ask questions, share opinions and ideas, take part in polls, as well as receive exclusive content and bonuses from the author.

Creating and developing a channel community helps to establish a closer connection between the author and viewers, increase audience loyalty and increase viewer involvement in the content creation process.

Channel playlists

YouTube playlists are collections of videos that you can create and edit on a channel. They allow you to group videos by topic or genre, making it easier for viewers to find and navigate. Its imporatnt to optimize playlists for SEO, so that they can improve your channel's visibility on YouTube and on search engines.

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