Why you should pay attention to menu holders

Menu holder - desktop stand-holder of a menu, price tag or flyer, a kind of desktop marketing information and advertising materials. It is used as a holder of marketing information and advertising material in restaurants, bars for holding promotions. The menu stand allows visitors to get acquainted with the general menu or special offers of a restaurant, cafe, bar.

The menuholder is widely used in marketing in the b2c segment, it is an effective means of promoting goods. A menuholder is a familiar element for almost any catering establishment (from a restaurant to a canteen). It is usually located on each table and counter in order to bring information to all visitors to the establishment, to make information as accessible as possible for the visitor.

In addition, menu stands and menu holder are also used in many other areas of trade, where it is necessary to place information about goods, services or special offers. Menuholders are used in sales offices of trading companies, retail and wholesale stores, at exhibitions, conferences and other events with a large flow of visitors, where it is possible to inform visitors by placing information materials in menuholders located on tables.

Why do you need good menu holders?

How to make your cafe or restaurant stand out and be loved by customers? Shopdaddy-studio creates wonderful wooden menu coasters that will be an advantageous addition to your table and will perfectly highlight the book with descriptions of your dishes. In addition, the studio produces all kinds of cafe accessories: from menu covers to check presenters.

You can buy both ready-made holders or use a special service, which consists in the fact that Shopdaddy-studio makes wood products to order. The studio can make a menu stand with any design you desire. To place an order, you just need to fill out the appropriate form on the site.

You can buy a menu stand in the Shopdaddy-studio online store at the most reasonable prices.

Why to choose Shopdaddy-studio?

They make holders for menus of any complexity, as today wood processing technologies make it possible to achieve filigree accuracy.

To decorate wood, laser burning is used, thanks to which it becomes possible to realize the production of a menu stand with absolutely any design.

The menu in a wooden frame can be placed both on the tables and on the bar counter. It goes well with almost any interior.

You can order wooden menu coasters and be sure that you will receive quality products just in time. All Shopdaddy-studio products are original and unlike anyone else's.

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